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HOPE public School, Azra colony near Iqra School.

The school was opened in 2016 at Azra Colony, Aligarh at a distance of just 3 kilometers from the Aligarh Muslim University Campus. With the primary focus of giving basic education free to the marginalized section of the society and become the stimulus for the social upliftment, HOPE Public school went on to give free education from 12 children in 2016 to 155 children until now in 2020.


HOPE guidance and learning center.

We are running this project in the evening for those people who need guidance for education. In this project, we meet the parents of the kids to create awareness and understand their situation of why they are not sending their kids to school and convince them to send their kids and teach them how important the education for their kids is.



HOPE NGO believes in empowering women to earn a sufficient amount per month to meet out daily needs and this will play an important role in building their self-confidence, reducing gender inequities, and raising their stature within their families and in society as well.



HOPE book banks

Books are the most integral part of our lives, to educate students a proper environment with all the books is necessary. We decided to make a small library at the HOPE Public school for our students. At present, we are collecting old/new donated books of primary and secondary classes from society, we nearly now have more than 3000 books for the library.

We plan to make a HOPE Public Library open to all for promoting the habit of reading and togetherness.



HOPE Support Week

Under this program, every week we try to organize medical camps, awareness camps related to ongoing issues, camps for swachh bharat abhiyan, awareness camps for traffic rules to make people realize the importance of following rules and regulations.

We also run water camp in summer to provide drinking water in the summer heat, another important task in this program is the volunteer support camps at hospitals to help the people coming from different villages and cities.



HOPE winterization program

Tell people more about the services in winters, many people suffer from the extreme cold weather and fall sick and even die because of non-availability of clothes. For tackling this important issue, a regular collection of Old and New clothes is organized throughout the years, and later after properly cleaning them, we conduct its distribution among the needy through clothes distribution camps primarily in remote areas where it is very much needed. you offer. Add your own content here.



HOPE coordination Program

Under this program, we organize different competitions in many schools in the private sector to raise funds and essentials for our school students. Events are organised throughout the year in collaboration with various schools as to develop a sense of belongingness and Competitive spirit among the students.


HOPE Monthly feeding program

As we all know these students are very poor and in the modern world they see many other people, children eating good food which makes them sad of their current condition. So, already being on a very limited funding still we try to feed these students with good and tasty food at least once in a month just to see a smile on their face.


HOPE learning and welfare program for Mothers

This is one of the important program of ours, the reason behind starting this initiative is to reduce the dropout rate of children from school and educate their mothers with the importance of education and its responsibility. This program also works in the area of making these mothers self-dependent by giving them respectable works.

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