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mentor's message 

My mother, Masarrat Kazmi, always had a deep love to assist people in need. Every moment of her life was spent helping out people and she went out of her way to ensure this many times. She contributed a lot to the charitable works even when her health condition was not that good.

Her dream was to provide a better education to underprivileged children.  She was adamant that they should also get opportunities and chances in life that other children were receiving. During this course, she met with Mr. Shoeb Mustafa Khan running charitable schools in Aligarh for the underprivileged children and promptly connected with the vision of HOPE Educational and Welfare Trust.

She believed love, patience, and serving food because even a good meal could change a child's life. It takes only one step to lift these children from a world of poverty to a better one. 

She was fortunate to find a great team in India who shared the same dream as her. She kept working on this dream until her passing in 2016. Nowadays, the HOPE Educational and welfare trust team in India is continuing with the legacy that my mother started and I wish more people will come forward to help and contribute to the organization like HOPE working for such a noble cause.


-Yusra Kazmi, Daughter of Late Mrs. Masarrat Kazmi, Ohio, USA

Meet The Founder

Mr. Shoeb Mustafa is an Indian Social Entrepreneur, well-known for his work on transforming the condition of education and health of underprivileged children in India. Mr. Shoeb founded HOPE, offering a sustainable model for eliminating the education-related issues. Under his leadership, HOPE launched a full-fledged school with around 150 students currently on board. Mr. Shoeb has won several accolades and is a well-recognized personality in the field of charitable work.

Meet The directors

  1. Dr. Misbahuddin Rafeeq- Associate Professor, Medical College, KAU

  2. Er. Mohammad Alam- Entrepreneur, Dubai

  3. Syed Rafat Masood- Business Entrepreneur & Managing Director at Multi-Joint Ventures, Manchester, U.K.

  4. Prof. Mobarak Hussain- Dept.of Physiology JNMC, AMU, Aligarh

  5. Prof. Mohd. Aslam- Dept. Of Physiology JNMC, AMU, Aligarh

  6. Prof. Arshiya Masood- H.O.D. Dept. Of Community Medicine, Government Medical College

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