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Dr. Misbahuddin Rafeeq

Associate Professor, Medical College, KAU

Education is the most crucial and powerful tool to change the world into a better place. Imparting education to the underprivileged is the best way to serve humanity. Seeking and imparting knowledge is recommended from cradle to grave. HOPE Trust, under the vibrant leadership of Mr. Shoeb Mustafa, is doing this selfless service, more than their capabilities. I sincerely hope that this seed, planted with the best intention to serve the community and nation, will grow into a knowledge tree, beneficial for the generations to come. I am a part of HOPE since the beginning and I strongly request all of you to help this noble cause as much as you can. We at HOPE trust, appreciate every contribution, whatever small it is.

Syed Rafat Masood

Business Entrepreneur

Managing Director at Multi Joint Ventures

Manchester, U.K.

I strongly believe that education is the right vehicle to spread and sustain democracy. HOPE Educational and Welfare Trust is doing a great job by educating underprivileged children and also feeding nutritious food to the students and other poor people through their distribution drives in India.

Our partnership with the HOPE is a great example of how Entrepreneurs and social organizations can empower sections of society through literacy and well-being initiatives. I am continuously working and partnering with HOPE in meaningful ways, we wish to continue building a strong foundation for those who may be lesser privileged. I am thankful to the HOPE Educational and welfare trust for giving me an opportunity to help these children and give back to the community.

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Er. Mohammad Alam

Entrepreneur, Dubai

One fine day recommended by a close friend of mine to meet Mr. Shoeb Mustafa founder of HOPE Educational and Welfare trust. He is really a man of Hope for every parent to educate his children.  With a mission that "Every child has a right to get educated" he has established "HOPE" Public school. HOPE not only educating underprivileged children but also focus and address several issues of society such as poverty, women empowerment by giving them timely advice, short training, opportunities, and help. Mr. Shoeb Mustafa along with his team tackling all such issues with great courage and perseverance. I was so fascinated and overwhelmed by this idea that led me to become a part of this noble cause that HOPE Trust has to offer.

I appeal to all the well-off people of our society to come forward to lend their helping hand.

Prof. Mobarak Hussain

Dept.of Physiology JNMC, AMU, Aligarh

HOPE Educational and Welfare Trust is doing great work for the education of poor children and empowering their parents to send their kids to school instead of making them work at such an early age. I am happy to make whatever contribution I can. Last year I received greetings and a thank you letter from the children whom I was supporting and this brought tears to my eyes and once again highlighted the support that institutions like HOPE Educational and Welfare Trust need from us. So I would like to request all the capable citizens of our country to come forward and contribute to this noble cause.

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Prof. Arshiya Masood   


Dept.of Community Medicine

Government Medical College

With the main aim of providing Education, Empowerment, and other necessities to the deprived section of the society, Mr. Shoeb Mustafa Started HOPE Educational and Welfare Trust. I met him in an event and he narrated me the struggle of small children who are too far from education and this is making child labor a major concern in India. Taking a bold decision to set up an NGO with limited resources, and with a genuine purpose of improving the living standards of the less privileged children by giving them food, healthy conditions, education requires courage.

I am thankful to Mr. Shoeb Mustafa for making me aware of the educational needs of the society and take part in their activities and development. I appeal to all the people of our society to come forward and help people like Shoeb Mustafa and this NGO because they are just a few left who are actually working with persistence and good vision to support and uplift the economically & socially deprived people.

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dr. abu tariq.jpg

Dr. Abu Tariq Malick

PhD, Chemistry, AMU Aligarh

Hope Educational and welfare trust is an amalgam of hard work, sincerity, and discipline. HOPE Public School is a dream, instead a place to fulfill a dream. It is not only a place to learn but a place to nurture a child, to save a child from illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition, disrespect, and ignorance. It is a sacred space to the underprivileged section of society.

HOPE is an initiative that comes under the umbrella of Hope Trust run by extremely dedicated and learned Mr. Shoeb Mustafa Khan, a social worker, an educationist.

Let's join our hands for this great heart-melting cause, let's contribute to it as my friend Mr. Shoeb said: "Every drop counts in the eyes of the almighty".


Er. Faisal Naseem    

Civil Enginner, Qatar

I learned about HOPE Public School recently through one of my colleague. As a resident of Aligarh,i was honoured to visit the school and saw a bright future of these children as changing the lives of these kids is a continuous process. Nothing can be done in a limited period. As individuals we have to continue to give support by way of financial help, time as well as other resources. I believe that Mr. Shoeb Mustafa is doing a fabulous job with a very limited amount of resources, we should all try to join in helping the future generation.





Dept.of Physiology JNMC, AMU, Aligarh

Prof. Mohd. Aslam

The initiative taken by Mr. Shoeb Mustafa Khan to start charitable schools for poor children and other empowering programs under HOPE Educational and welfare trust is great in itself. With almost no resources, he didn’t give up and worked continuously to help strengthen the level of education in Aligarh District.

I am thankful to Mr. Shoeb and HOPE NGO for creating this wonderful platform for providing education and other necessities to the underprivileged section of the society.  We trust the persistence of Mr. Shoeb Mustafa and this humble cause to provide education to the bright young children. I trust and very impressed with the process, transparency, and clarity that HOPE Ngo has exhibited.

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